The club approves of the girls with an attractive appearance at the age up to 30 years old, slim, ready to work on a proactive consumption (I mean the girl's prompting of a customer to buy any soft drink for her or a bottle of Champagne to drink together with him).Experience and knowledge of foreign language are not required.
The girl that wants to work in the club, should understand that not only without the charm and grace, but maybe, above all, without wit, ability to ingratiate herself with exacting Austrians, emotional, Italians and Slavic soul's local guests, the ability to sell them her private dance, to get talking them on the consumption, she will not be able to hold on at least any long in the competition with others pretty and smart from all over Europe and not only.


It's absolutely easy to get a job in this clubs for the EU citizens. Just come and start your work under contract for a period from one month to any term which you agreed with the club boss about. 
For all the rest a work by a contract for a period of minimum 6 months with the EU working visa.The first working visa is issued for one year.After approval of the girl by her pictures which she must send to me, for getting of a work permit (looks like a Bank card), you must send to the employer through the postal services DHL or Fedex. - the copy of your passport certified by a notary;- one passport size photo 3 by 4 cm; - the police clearance certificate (with apostille).
The club can also help getting this documents for the worker true different agencies, on clubs costs.
The issuing of a working visa s about 2 months, but it could be earlier, depends of how buisy they are on ambassy.
The first step to get working visa is to get working permision .For working permision we need about 14 days.After that we arrange date for interviu on Slovenian ambassy in country from where worker is from.Waiting time for interviu is about 14 -30 days.Girl than go to ambassy , where she is interviued with translator , and shem ust give finger prints in the same time.After that is needed about 14 days to get the visa.Girl than go to ambassy for second time , get visa there  and come to Slovenia.All the costs for making visa , translater and transfer to ambassy in covered by club. 
The girls are dancing on the pole one by one for 30 seconds each, when a new guest appears. To undress isn't necessary.
Private dances and shows are classified as those which performance is any girl's obligation: lap dance, table dance, lesbo show, , and during all these dances and shows a girl will be undressed fully and a guest can touch her. In the club in Ljubljana , we also serve food  and offering smoking of khalian, which is like special offer in VIP rooms.Own costumes and shoes are welcomed, but not strictly necessarily, as everything can be bought on the spot.Music tracks for performances will be provided by the club.
While working in the club, a girl needs to look attractive, with beautiful hair style and make-up (there are dressing rooms at the club ), to be unfailingly polite with other working girls and courteous with the club's guests. 
To be in a state of intoxication is strictly prohibited. 


A girl can keep all received tips fully.
The earnings consist of the percentage payments for the girl's consumption and the private show mentioned above, paid once a month by a transfer to her Bank account that she has the right to open at the representative offices of any Bank in Slovenia having a working visa.
When a girl is interested, how much can she earn in the club, you have to understand that, like any other club, it depends on a girl's competitiveness and not so much from the appearance of the model (although the factor of appearance, of course, is important), but on her charisma, charm, grace and sociability. And that's why it is so important to be able to communicate in English because most of the club guests are able to talk in this language.
The club is long well-known for the businessmen and tourists not only from the above mentioned countries and, no doubt, provides for every girl the opportunity of a decent earnings; it is only necessary to be able to properly dispose of this opportunity. Since Slovenia does not have a explicit tourist seasonality (because the beauty of its mountains which are attracting people here, just is changing from the calendar of the season, but not disappear), to earn here not a few you can always.The average minimum wages per month ranges from €2,000 to €3,500( officialy sallary 800 eur + tips from dances)


All the costs for travel to ambassy and to Slovenia is covered by the club. 
The club offers free apartment 300 meters from the club, consisting of 4 rooms, 2 girls in a room, with two bathrooms, a kitchen, free Internet.

If you are intersted in working in Slovenia and like to know more, please contact us.
Club Manager: Ivan kotnikTel/viber: 00386 31826581e-mail:

The clubs are open from 22:00 until 04:00, day off - Sunday.

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